Calcium Plus ICB


The "all in one" Cricket Dust that provides all essential vitamins and minerals. Featuring both Retinol AND Carotenoids as sources of Vitamin A. Developed by Allen Repashy to increase the nutritional value of crickets as they are fed to all insectivores. Transforms insects into a food item that has a calcium/ phosphorus ratio with optimal levels, providing an all in one source of all essential vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. Dust onto crickets before feeding your animals.

















Crude Protein, Min. 2%- Crude Fat, Min. 3%- Crude Fiber, Max. 1%- Moisture, Max. 8%- Ash, Max. 35%- Calcium, Min. 17%- Calcium Max. 19%- Phosphorus(P), Max. 3%- Vitamin D-3, Min. 40,000 IU/Kilo. Vitamin A min 400,000 IU/ Kilo Beta Carotene Min. 1,000 mg/kilo



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