Pachydactylus Scutatus


  A very underrated and rewarding species to work with.  



P. Scutatus originate from an area ranging from Namibia to Angola. The common name for the species is the Large- Scaled, or Shielded Thick- toed gecko. Adults will grow to about 10- 12 cm in length.


When deciding on which desert species I should work with, I came to the conclusion that sticking to nocturnal species makes heating a breeze as no special lighting is required. This theory has proven successful for a number of desert species I have worked with. Provide a hot- spot between 85° and 90°F.

Diet & Basic Care

As with most gecko species, juveniles should be offered insects more often than adults to promote a proper growth rate. I find I have had no issues when feeding my juveniles in sync with adults every 2-3 days. Mist 2-3 times a week. I provide a shallow water dish at all times which is replaced every other day.


I keep my Scutatus in plastic shoe- box containers with soldered holes for ventilation. In my experience, I have had juveniles escape from Exo- Terra Faunarium style enclosures and recommend avoiding their use for younger geckos. Juvies can be housed together without an issue but they are seperated as they begin to mature.



Juveniles display a mainly bright yellow colouration with a white collar. 


Adult Male, Large- Spotted Phase. 






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