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Available Geckos

Welcome to my Available Geckos page! All geckos are well started on Repashy (I mainly feed the Original MRP but I also rotate in Mango Superblend and Grubs 'n' Fruit for variety).  Juveniles and adults are offered crickets in addition to a normal staple diet of Repashy. 

I breed all of my geckos in pairs and can tell you exactly who the parents are of any animal produced here. My breeding collection consists of animals from breeders all over Canada and the USA. I am also breeding many holdbacks that I have produced here (some I can even trace back to my early bloodlines around 2011). Diverse bloodlines help to maintain good quality and prevent any health issues. 

If interested please email or message me with the code below the animal you would like to inquire on. Parents are pictured last in the gallery for each available gecko. (sire first, dam second).  Shipping is available through Reptile Express International.

Thank you for stopping by,


22A1_M2F4 - Unsexed $450CAD 6g

22A2_M2F4 - Unsexed $350CAD 8g

22A3_M1F14 - Unsexed $300CAD 8g

22A4_M3F7 - Ready to Breed Female (Phantom Eye Genetics) $350CAD 47g

22A5_M2F9 - Male $400CAD 7g

22A6_M1F14 - Female $350CAD 23g

22A7_PBF1 - Proven Breeder Phantom Eye Female $800CAD

She has one phantom eye and proven to produce offspring with phantom eyes. Very consistent egg layer 

22A8_M2F4 - Probable Female - $500CAD

22A9_PBF2 - Proven Breeder Female - $600CAD

Produced by Northern Gecko

22A10_M2F9 -  $500CAD

22A11_M1F2 - Female $850CAD 32g

This is the first I will be releasing from the same pair that produced one of my nicest reds (See picture 4)

22A12_M5F7 - Unsexed Phantom Eye Genetics $300CAD 11g

USA lineage, Sire was imported from RhacHouse

22A13_M2F4 - Probable Female Holdback Release $850CAD

22A14_M1F14 - Unsexed $300CAD

22A15_M2F4 - Unsexed $300CAD

22A16_NG - Female $600CAD

Produced by Northern Gecko, potentially European lineage. Soon ready to breed, she is up to size but I would wait until a bit older. Fired down in pictures

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